Price Data Vioce/SMS Validity
$0.25 300 MB N/A Daily
$0.5 900 MB N/A Daily
$1 1.4 GB 100 Daqiqo +15 SMS Daily
$2 3GB 80 Min SOMNET ,20 SMS SOMNET Weekly
$5 9 GB 300 Min SOMnet.50 SMS SOMNET Monthly
$10 21GB 800 Min SOMnet, 30 Min HORMUUD, 4MIN Int’l, 100 Sms SOMNET Monthly
$10 30GB Data/Voice/SMS Monthly
$20 45GB 1200 Min SOMNET ,50 Min HORMUUD, 10MIN Int’l, 150 sms Somnet Monthly
$30 75GB 1500 Min SOMNET, 80 Min HORMUUD,15MIN Int’l, 200 Sms SOMNET Monthly
$50 126GB 2000 Min SOMNET, 100 Min HORMUUD, 20 MIN Int’l,200 SMS SOMNET Monthly
Balance Transfer Pre-Paid Balance
To transfer your balance to someone else

Dial *133*number*amount*password#


To check prepaid balance check

Dial *132# or call 132


E-voucher is an electronic means  by which customers can recharge their prepaid SIM with extra convenience, and is available at all shops and dealers

Quick Tips EVC Plus Recharge
How To Inquire Your Number

Dial *999#

Recharge Methods

Dail *131# scratch PIN# send or

Call 131 then follow the instructions


EVCplus is another way our

customers can recharge their airtime.

In order to recharge

Dial *823*Amount*Number send